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Has your child been showing an interest in arts and crafts? Are you interested in signing them up for local art classes? If you said yes, then you’ve come to the right place. At City Art Farm, we offer art classes for kids that are taught by a professional artist with more than 25 years of professional art experience. Our school is tucked away in Seattle, but we also work with students from Kent, WA and the nearby communities of Port Orchard, Lynnwood, and Bellevue. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you are sure to learn something new from our teachers.

When you sign up for child or adult art classes here at City Art Farm, you will quickly learn that we are not your typical art school. Instead, we focus on turning everything around you into an art project. Our materials are oftentimes recycled or organic. We even use wool from our own goats in our wool class! This way of thinking will let you continue being creative no matter where you are located.

At City Art Farm, we not only teach young kids, but we also offer adult art classes. You can choose to sign up for one project or consider spending a week with us during the summer. When you are finished with your classes, you can take your art projects home with you.

Whether you are looking for art classes for kids or adults, we have something for you at City Art Farm. Our unique art school is located a short drive from Kent, WA, and we’ve also worked with students from the surrounding towns. We hope you’ll take a moment to browse to learn more about what sets our art course apart from the rest. Our team of talented artists looks forward to sharing our passion for great art with you.

Adult Art Classes

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