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City Art Farm


Everyone enjoys art, but not enough people get to create it. At City Art Farm, we are looking to change that. We offer innovative and informative art classes and art camps for both adults and children alike. We are nestled away in Seattle, WA, and we are proud to serve future artists from all the surrounding areas, such as Bellevue, Kent, and Port Orchard. Our philosophy is different than many other art schools in the area. It’s our mission to make sure everyone can tap into their creative side and learn how to create art with the world around them.

When you come to City Art Farm, you will quickly notice that everything here is truly organic. From the diverse nature that surrounds our facility to the natural products we use, we want our students to learn that art can be created from anything - you just have to think outside the box. Our painting classes will teach you how to use recycled materials to create something you are proud to show off. We even have ceramic and mosaic courses that utilize recycled items.

Here at City Art Farm, our art and painting classes are geared towards people of all ages. We welcome adults to come and create with younger children. We even offer parties and summer camps to help you become a first class artist.

If you have been wanting to take some art classes from a professional artist, be sure to meet our team at City Art Farm. We are a hidden secret in Seattle, WA, and we also serve students from all the surrounding areas. Be sure to browse through our website for more information when you are ready to book an art class or camp with us. We are ready to show you how you can truly make great art out of anything.

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