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Are you looking for a way to keep your child busy during their off time? Would you like to find a way to help them become more imaginative? If these questions sparked your interest, then you need to call us here at City Art Farm. We are a popular art studio that is located very close to Lynnwood, WA. Even if you are residing in Port Orchard, Bellevue, or Kent, you will find it easy to get to our art facility. Our highly talented and creative staff teaches fun drawing classes to people of all abilities and ages.

Everyone can draw, but some people are nervous about giving it a try. At City Art Farm, we offer a positive atmosphere to perfect your craft. Our drawing classes have been very popular with young kids and teenagers. We even have adults sign up from time to time. Our classes are open to all, and we always have a blast teaching different art techniques to our students.

Whether you decide to register for ceramic classes or want to send your child to a summer camp, City Art Farm is the place for you. We are open by appointment only, so be sure to schedule a time to tour our facility and ask us questions. Our staff would love to speak with you about the courses we feel would best match your personality.

Art comes in many shapes and forms, and we want to demonstrate the possibilities of creating art out of every day, recyclable objects. From collages and mosaics to ceramic classes, you are sure to be enticed by one of our courses here at City Art Farm. We’ve worked with students from Lynnwood, WA, and all the other nearby areas. Take a look at to see some ideas of our work, and be sure to register for a few art classes while you are there.

Drawing Classes

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